Practical Accounting With Full Set Accounts Training Course(Online/Physical Class)

The way for promote ADMIN staff to ADMIN Cum ACCOUNTS personnel. ( up to Accounts Executive level)

18+creation of proven effective methods. We will use our knowledge and experience for you to leran and train directly, and put it to use directly.

Course-Practical Accounting With Full Set of Accounts
Our centre emphasis on systematic and professional teaching methodology, students involve in step by step procedure and process in doing accounts, and practical experience enhance their capability to cope and handle company accounts in real working place.
本院专业教导处理, 并以系统化的教法,让学员真正的实习做账的步骤和流程,体会在工作上做账的实际经验,学员能应付处理公司账务的工作。

  • Short Term, Real Practice    Enhanced Skill   Flexible time
  • Start training from zero knowledge up to full set
  • Easy to learn,Conduct in Eng/Mandarin                                         Small/Medium group, 1 to 1 guidance
    Award recognized certificate         HRDF claimable*
  • Entitle Personal Tax  relief            
  • Contents  Outline
    • Introduction, overview of Practical Accounting
    • Accounting concept / Principle of Accounts
    • Documents used in Business Transaction
    • Cash Book/ Petty Cash Book, Bank Reconciliation
    • Trial Balance, Trading Profit & Loss Account, Balance Sheet
    • Debtors/ Creditors Ledger /General Ledger
    • Depreciation on Fixed Assets / Hire Purchase Accounts
    • Stock Valuation/ Period End Adjustments
    • Final Accounts/ Practice on Handle Company’s Full set accounts 
  •   Add on Taxation course,RM350, (normal price RM 800)
  •  ** Free Consult in Workplace** Provide Job Opportunity, Quickly Find A Job.


Suitable for : General Clerk, Accounts Clerk, Fresh Graduates, SME etc.

Course Duration    36+ hours (3 months)
Course  Fees   Offer price at  RM 1,800/ 2,150
***OFFER*** limited time    (by Bank transfer/by Card)                                                     Remote online  /  zoom class/ Physical Class
Class    Zoom live /Online/ Physical class
Class Conduct In   simple English / Mandarin

Practical Accounting with Full Set Accounts Training Course

      Learning + Practice (step by step)

          Remote online/Physical class training programe( 36+hrs package                     with cert in grade award mention), RM 1,800/ 2,150

  1.  Online Learning portal (either in English or Mandarin version)
  2. Tutorial session – go zoom live 
  3.  Group Practice,  (Zoom  live/ physical class )
  4.  Private Group
  5.  Special topic class-pass journal/period end adjustments  ( refer time schedule)
  6. Add on Taxation Course 

Remark : The programe/ time schedule

please refer Admin : 60167234193

F.O.C. : Accounting Notes, Study Exercise Books, Examination fee, Registration fee.

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