About Us

We have more than 15 years of working experience, carefully wrote and compiled the Practical Accounting Course.

Our training sessions are experienced led tutors who will take you through the practical stages using scenarios designed to mirror the work place. Trainees will gain the skills and expertise needed in the real working environment.

Trained skill staff will help the employers to keep the accounts in proper record. This may leave the employers free to concentrate on running and building their’s core business.

We are aim to train more efficiency office staff that they are not only to carry on the existing office administrative work and also as well as can handle the full set accounts tasks.

This 2 in 1 working programme, help the staff improve themselves, improve work efficiency and raise value-added, for point of employers, no need employ two staff separately, this may reduce the company cost ,but has solved the problem of manpower .

Tax legislation changes in line with the change in economic environment. Nowadays we use self-assessment system. We conduct practical Taxation Course to emphasis the submission of returns, fill up forms, tax calculation with tax planning and tax submission.

Our Aim
Provide A Human Learning Environment, Master The Required Skill and Towards Career Advancement .

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